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JOY of Numerology


She rocks. She's the best lady to read your numbers for you. By far the most accurate I've ever encountered.
- Ed

What is Numerology?


We're PREGNANT!   Exactly when and as you said!!  You gave me hope and confidence with your date selection. 

This is one excited Mama-to-be.

- Sandra

You are amazing!

- Tertia

Wow!   That was the best ever. Thank you for all the intense guidance you gave me.  Just so you know I've never forgotten your compass/ion for me.  Namaste.

- Jimmy

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I want to thank you so much for all your help!!!  The session was amazing and I left feeling super positive!
- Crystal


My pattern with men revealed! 

Time for some major adjustments.  THANK YOU!

- Lisa

Absolutely enchanted by our meeting today and your wonderful reading! Thank you!!  XO
- Valerie, Luna Blue Boutique


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2016 Forecast

Numerical Monthly forecast coming soon!

I was inspired by your reading, and by the accuracy if it.  Everything you told me about my relationship was dead on.  A new perspective for me. 


Numerology reveals your SOUL CONTRACT.    It is the science of numbers and their vibrational energies.

Have you ever wondered why you get along with certain people and end up in battles with others?

Do you have a favorite parent or child?  Did everything change with your partner or friends after you changed your name?

Your name & birth date reveal your special talents and gifts.  It can help you choose a rewarding career path, predict compatibility in relationships, bring understanding to situations, or pick an auspicious date for special occasions and epic events.

Thanks so much for your kindness toward my granddaughter.  Your approach was perfect and your reading has helped her put things into perspective.  She is now thinking about her future.
I  truly enjoy being in your energy!!🐶
- Joanne

I had a wonderful time meeting you!  It has given me renewed hope and determination to keep my marriage together.
There is so much that was perfectly explained about my personality....  CRA-ZY!!  I'm so glad we met!

- Kim