Meaning of Numbers 1 through 9 & Master Numbers


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JOY of Numerology


1     Beginning, independence, innovation, leadership, competitive, aggressive
2     Harmony, unity, relationships, cooperation, patience, kindness, teamwork
3     Lucky, emotional, expansion, imagination, optimism, playfulness, creative expression, synchronicity
4     Building, formation, hard work, endurance, seriousness, practicality, strong foundation, control, policy, rules
5     Change, transition, progressive thinking, resourceful, freedom, versatility, promotion, technology, drama
6     Balance, nurturing, service oriented, responsibility and duty, family focus, marriage & divorce, birth & death,

         domestic and work issues.  Rules your pets, your home, and friends that are like family

7     Analysis, research, science, technology, solitude, wisdom, spiritual focus, investigative, mystical,

        metaphysical, nature, mystery

8     Authority, power, finances, business, success, material wealth, organization, self-mastery, karma in action
9     Endings, vision tolerance, transformation, spiritual consciousness, cosmic, teaching, global awareness,

         perfection, humanitarian, long-game

Master Numbers
11          Master of Illumination, the inspirational messenger, the number of light; one who raises consciousness,

               reformer of world problems, wants to uplift others, inspires by teaching own truth
22      Master Builder, visionary; knows how to plan and execute large projects; wants to further consciousness of

                human kind--especially feminine consciousness; powerful skills of manifestation; the humanitarian
33       Teacher of Teachers, master of compassion, master of healing through love, use of creative

                 energies to serve others.

Life Path  - your full date of birth

This is the most important number in your Numerology profile.  Your special gifts, talents and natural abilities are revealed by this number.  Those gifts will help you achieve your true calling and mission in this life.

Soul Number - the total of the vowels of your birth certificate name

This reveals what your heart wants, and your inner most desires.  This is the number that rules feelings, love, that guides you and rules your romantic life.

Personality Number - the total of the consonants of your birth certificate name

This is how other people see you.  It's how you're defined at work and your public self.  This is the number that gets you hired.

Destiny or Expression Number - the total of all the letters in your birth certificate name

This represents the strength of your name in it's entirety and lets the world know who you are.  It usually indicates how well you will perform in your career.

Birthday Number - the digits reduced of the day of your birth

There is always a special talent revealed by your Birthday Number.  It also reveals a lesson that you are trying to learn in this lifetime.  It contributes to how the world views you.

Attitude Number - the month and day of your birth added and reduced

This is what people think they are getting when they first meet you.  It is the "first impression" number.  When this is in harmony with your Life Path Number, people better understand you.  When they are in contrast, you can appear indecisive or like someone you are not.  This also is a number that contributes to getting you hired.

Maturity Number - your Destiny & Life Path Numbers added and reduced

This number shows the direction for the second half of your life.  It represents your "true self" as the inner you and outer you begin to live in harmony.

Minor Vibration - the name you go by in business, social media, nickname's etc.

The minor vibration of nicknames, social media, your business cards, etc. all effect how people perceive you, and can effect success of your career, popularity, relationships and more.